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We are a Canadian based company that developed an innovative design
in Electro-coagulation Treatment Technology.

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Bench Testing

We offer wastewater characterization. We analyze the customer’s water to determine the treating properties,,,

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Field Test Trial

We offer our customers the ability to treat their wastewater under real production conditions...

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Small unit on a skid

Our small unit on a skid (2.5 by 4.5 feet) can has all the components to treat most applications.

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Cyanide Destruction

We offer turn-key installations and process advise to ensure our customers have the best long term...

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Advantages & Benefits

  • Filtration >

    Filtration technology requires a high particle size for it to work. It is limited to only certain types of contaminants. If free oils and greases are present it will cause high aintenance cost on filters.
  • Biological Treatments >

    This type of technology treats oil and grease relatively well but does not treat suspended solids or heavy metals. It also requires careful pH adjustments to keep the bacteria alive. It can therefore be high maintenance.
  • Chemical Treatment (Chemical Coagulation) >

    This technology can treat heavy metals but requires very strict control of pH. Most of the time chemical treatment methods increase the TSS (total suspended solids) and produce large volumes of sludge with high bound water content. This is because the electrical double layer formed by chemicals is not as strong and pronounced as when formed by electrocoagulation. Therefore chemical coagulation is usually slow to filter and difficult to dewater because the floc contains more water.
  • Electrocoagulation >

    This technology uses the same mechanism as chemical coagulation but the characteristics of the floc are dramatically different than the floc formed by chemical coagulation. The floc produced by Electrocoagulation contains less bound water, and is easier to filter because is more shear resistant. In addition, Electrocoagulation is able to treat oil and greases with ease, reduce TSS and BOD.
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Electro Coagulation

An advanced, modern and economical wasted water treatment technology that has gained popularity in the last 10 years in North America, South America and Europe.

Clean Environmental has patented and developed a new and innovated design called Helical Cathode Electrocoagulation which differs from conventional plate technology.

The new design gives several advantages over plate technology such as:

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Our proven technology is successful treating BOD, TSS, Oil and Grease, heavy metals and other elements such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

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Jan 11, 2014

Treatment of Hexavalent Chromium…

Conventionally when we need to remove hexavalent chromium out of solution we first need to reduce it from hexavalent to...

Dec 19, 2013

Electro Coagulation Presentation

{youtube}QL_5cN9PWFM|775|450|0{/youtube}  This presentation shows a brief introduction to the principles of Electrocoagulation and the benefits of using a Helical-Cathode Design. Learn...


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